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Rebates and assistance

Check what Australian Government rebates are available to all Australians.

And then check what rebates are available in your state.

Australia Government Rebates

Renewable power incentive

You maybe entitled to Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) if your Small-scale Generation Unit (SGU), such as small-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, wind or hydro unit, is eligible. These certificates can then be sold and transferred to a STC agent (usually electricity retailers) or sold in the STC market or through the STC Clearing House. A STC agent will offer you a financial benefit such as an up-front discount or delayed cash payment when you assign your STCs to them. A majority of owners take this option.

For more details visit the Australian Government's Office of Renewable Energy Regulator solar panels web page and the Fact sheet: Support for small-scale renewable energy systems web page.

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Solar Hot Water Rebate (Renewable Energy Bonus Scheme)

The Government announced on 28 February 2012 that the Renewable Energy Bonus Scheme – Solar Hot Water Rebate (REBS) will close on 30 June 2012.

REBS was available to help eligible home-owners, landlords or tenants to replace their electric storage hot water systems with solar or heat pump hot water systems.

If you have installed a system prior to 28 February 2012, your application must reach the Department within 122 days from the date of installation.

If you purchased or ordered (and paid a deposit) for a system up to 28 February 2012, but installed it after 28 February 2012, applications must be received by the Department by 30 June 2012.

For more details about the Solar Hot Water Rebate visit the Climate Change and Energy efficiency website.

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LPG gas vehicle conversion

The LPG Vehicle Scheme offers grants of $2,000 towards the purchase of a new vehicle already fitted with LPG or a grant of $1,500 for the LPG conversion of a new or used vehicle.

To check your eligibility and download an application form visit the AusIndustry LPG Vehicle Scheme website. You can also ring the AusIndustry Hotline on 13 28 46 or email

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News South Wales

Solar Bonus Scheme

The Solar Bonus Scheme for NSW has been suspended. No new applications are being considered as of midnight 28 April 2011.

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Home Power Savings Program

The Home Power Savings Program helps residents with an eligible concession card improve their household energy efficiency. The program includes a home energy assessment, a power savings product kit and a personal action plan.

For more details visit the Save Power website.

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Fridge Buyback Program

Fridge Buyback program pays you to help save the environment and reduce your power bills by giving up your old second fridge.

To participate in the program, your fridge must be a working second fridge that has been in regular use, is 250 litres or more in size (8.83 cubic feet) and at least 10 years old.

Fridge Buyback provides residents with free collections by professional removalists and a $35 rebate.For more details visit the Fridge Buyback website.

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Waterfix program

Whilke not a rebate as such, the Waterfix program provides assistance for leak repairs and toilet replacements. Learn more here or call the WaterFix hotline on 1800 807 475.

For more information visit Sydney Water.

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